Hail Damage. Door Dings. Dents. Fixed FAST.

Restore your vehicle back to pre-damage condition with
Black Hills Paintless Dent Repair.

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David and his staff are great! They explained everything I needed and did a great job! Thank you, David!
Terri Phelps
Terri Phelps
18:57 30 Sep 21
These guys made getting my car repaired easy. They were very transparent in the process keeping me updated every step of the way. There was a hiccup with insurance and they were able to get it resolved quickly to get my car fixed when I needed it. My car looks even better than it did before getting clobbered with hail. I would recommend them to anyone with hail damage.
Isaac Bentley
Isaac Bentley
04:22 05 Sep 21
They did a GREAT job on my personal vehicle! BHPDR did everything they said they would and a day quicker! This is the shop you should use for all of paint less dent repair, not just hail damage. They can do door dings and other oops! Thanks to everyone at BHPDR!Jeff Wangen - Farmers Insurance Agent
Jeff Wangen
Jeff Wangen
20:07 18 Jun 21
I just had one of the BEST encounters with a Black Hills business! Courteous, super fast repair and a huge improvement on the looks of my car. Thanks so much! I will recommend you to everyone who needs any body work or paint less dent repair. Good to learn about your services.
Colleen Ragan
Colleen Ragan
22:33 17 Jun 21
Dave at Black Hill Paintless Dent Repair did a great job on my 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass.It eventually needs a full-blown paint job, but Dave was able to take care of some of the bigger dents, quickly and cost effectively. Everyone there is super friendly too!I would highly recommend Black Hills PDR to anyone looking for paintless dent repair in or near Rapid City.
Mike S
Mike S
13:33 13 Jun 21
Had them repair hail damage on my truck and they knocked it out of the park! Great work, professional and fast. Would highly recommend them to anyone needing PDR services.
Bruce Schmidt
Bruce Schmidt
16:36 18 Mar 21
5 star work... they do an amazing job at a fair price.
Shawn M (Shawn Morgan)
Shawn M (Shawn Morgan)
20:39 07 Feb 21
Great service and awesome pricing!
tom maxson
tom maxson
00:10 15 Oct 20
Very friendly great service. Will use service again if needed
Sheila Solano
Sheila Solano
19:58 12 Sep 20
This was absolutely the best place to do business with! We highly recommend it. Dave took care of everything like he said he would and now our car looks better than it ever has. We will bring any future business to Dave at BH PDR!
Molly Kohlmeyer
Molly Kohlmeyer
03:33 17 Dec 19

Preserve the value of your vehicle

We understand that your car may be one of the most valuable things that you own.

It deserves to be repaired to pre-damage condition so that it can retain its value.

We stand behind our repairs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We are here in Rapid City day after day, year after year.

Quality Repair

Reduced Repair Time

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We help you with the paintless dent repair process to restore your vehicle.

Get your hail damage repair and small dent removal faster with less frustration.
Get an estimate or estimate review before scheduling a repair time.

Hail damage repair cost varies by insurance policy and deductible.

How much will it cost you to trade in a vehicle that still has hail damage?

Start the PDR Process in Rapid City, South Dakota with Black Hills Paintless Dent Repair


schedule a free estimate

Whether it's vehicle hail damage or just a door ding, it's best to physically look at the dents. If you already have an insurance estimate we can review it for accuracy.

Some hail damage is too extensive for PDR and will require parts and paint. We can help you with that too. 


Schedule Your Repair

Get your car or truck fixed properly by local PDR technicians. We have over 50 years of combined paintless dent repair experience. Schedule your hail repair or door ding repair today.

Who It's For

Black Hills Paintless Dent Repair is perfect for:

Local body shop owners who prefer to deal with an experienced and reliable local dent repair shop.

Local people that want to work with locally owned and operated businesses.

Local dealerships that want reliable, consistent, and fast dent repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do you repair hail damage on vehicles?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is the process of removing dents, door dings, and hail damage by hand, without harming the finish of your vehicle.

See our Services for more information...

How do you get hail damage

First, you should get an opinion from your Insurance Agent or Repair shop to make sure that the cost of repairing hail damage is more than your deductible.

See our Services for more information...

How much does hail damage repair cost?

It can vary based on how severe the hail damage is. Depending on whether it is an insurance claim or not can affect the cost of repair.

See our Services for more information...

Can hail damage to a car or truck be repaired?

Yes. Depending on the severity of the hail damage, your car or truck may be a candidate for paintless dent removal or conventional body shop repair. Sometimes the repair is a combination of both methods.

See our Services for more information...

The auto hail repair process shouldn’t be so complicated.

Ditch the headaches of dealing with insurance on your own and slower turnaround times of conventional repair shops. This year has brought parts and labor shortages which can significantly slow down a traditional body shop.

Our turnaround time is typically 3-4 days. A conventional repair can take up to 4-6 weeks. Why wait for parts and paint if your vehicle does not need it? Get your hail damage, dents, and door dings repaired faster.

Can you afford to wait 4-6 weeks to get your car back?

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