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About Black Hills Paintless Dent Repair

We serve the local Black Hills and Rapid City communities.

We consistently provide our customers with top notch service. Black Hills Paintless Dent Repair has grown from a one man shop to hail damage, door ding, and small dent repair shop. We employ 6 full time local team members. We are family and veteran owned.

Excellence Through experience since 1996

Many of the body shops in Rapid City do not have enough work to keep a paintless dent repair tech employed full time. While working for Rapid Chevrolet for 10 years I saw this first hand. I have had the opportunity to build relationships and provide quality repair services to dealerships and body shops in Rapid City, Lead-Deadwood, Spearfish, Sturgis, Custer, Hot Springs, Hill City, and Belle Fourche.

I have personally repaired hail damage for Rapid Chevrolet, White’s Queen City Motors, Hersruds, Granite Automotive, Dodge Town, Roy’s Westside Auto, Rick’s Body Shop, SAC Auto Body, and many more over the years.

Our Mission

In 2009 our family realized I had built a reputation of quality service, reliability, and speed over the years these qualities are what Black Hills Paintless Dent Repair was founded on.

We have been quietly providing local car dealerships and auto body repair shops with consistent hail damage repair, paintless dent repair, and push-to-paint services since 2009.

We have a great team and we feel confident in reaching out and creating awareness about us, our brand, and the dent removal services we offer local vehicle owners in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Our team strives to provide a consistently high-quality service to our customers. We believe it is important to help people keep the value of their cars and trucks.

door ding gray Ford mustang
glue pull tabs for paintless dent repair
hail damage red car hood

Who Am I

My name is Nobutaka Suzuki, however, I am most commonly known by my middle name David. I am Japanese-American and was the only “Asian” kid in school growing up in Spearfish South Dakota.

My father’s family are Samurai and as such, I follow a strict code of honor much like Bushido. My Mother is from Colorado.

Growing up in South Dakota I value and uphold our Midwest values of hard work, respect, and loyalty.

I founded Black Hills Paintless Dent Repair on the values of:

Integrity – To do what is right especially when no one is watching you.

Honor – “Those with honor take responsibility for their actions. Those without honor only blame others.”

Humble Beginnings

It all started during the summer break of 1996. This was before my senior year in high school.

I had a job at a body shop tearing down cars, sanding parts, sweeping the floor, and taking out the garbage. The owner bought some paintless dent tools with a video and asked if I would be willing to learn PDR.

It was slow going in the beginning as I was exclusively self-taught. I’ll never forget the first perfect dent repair I accomplished. A dent on the quarter panel of a brand new red 1996 Monte Carlo.

Shortly after that, I had an opportunity to get additional training under the then-owner of National Dent.

After I graduated in ’97 I worked with him and others in Gordon, Nebraska. At the time I was still preparing to attend Portland University to become an architectural engineer. Toward the end of the summer, I decided to try PDR as a career and put off college.

I never looked back. I worked on the road again in Minneapolis in ’98 and in ’99 National Dent was sold to Rapid Chevrolet where I took a permanent job doing PDR for 10 years.

The Journey Continues

It’s been a pleasure to serve the communities of Rapid City and Western South Dakota over the years we have been in business.

We consistently support local charities and events in the area. Some of my favorites have been Down Town Lion’s Club, SD VFW, Shriners, Camp Friendship, and many more.

I have been the Title Sponsor of The Black Hills Disc Golf Club for many years. I have sponsored Black Hills Kart Racing: Juniors Division, Troy “Wolfman” Murner Racing Team, and Granite Automotive Men’s and Co-Ed Softball teams, and others.

We look forward to many more years of serving our local community.

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