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Rapid City  Dent Repair

We have been providing dent repair services in Rapid City for over 13 years. David personally started to do PDR in 1996 and has worked for many local dealerships, body shops, and personal vehicle owners over the years. 

How do we repair dents?

We use specialty tools, lighting, and processes to individually remove each dent by hand.

Our experienced PDR technicians can remove dents quickly while maintaining your paint and auto body integrity.

All of our dent removal processes are ecologically friendly as no paint, fillers, or harsh chemicals are used.

Our estimation software allows us to email you an estimate so no need to wait around after we look your car or truck over.

glue pull tabs for paintless dent repair

Benefits of paintless dent repair

door ding gray Ford mustang

Save Money

Vehicle owners can save hundreds over conventional auto body shop repairs


Fast Repair Time

Small dents can be repaired while you wait. Hail damage takes 1-5 days depending on damage.


Insurance Approved

We work with all insurance companies and use the same estimation software.


Keep Origional Paint & Factory Parts

Restore your vehicle to pre-damage condition without repainting or ordering parts.


OUr Experience

Combined tech experience of over 50 years. We are locally owned and operated.


Our Guarantee

Our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We stand by our work and will be here to warranty it.

Let's Get Started

It’s as easy as giving us a call and scheduling an estimate. We can walk you through the process of getting your dents repair from there.


Shop local to guarantee the best results. 

We are a truly local, family & veteran owned company. We employ local technicians and contribute to the Rapid City and Black Hills economy.

We are driven by the quality of our relationships and offer our customers superior dent repair and customer service.


Your car or truck is worth more than ever with new car inventory shortages. Preserve the value of your vehicle by getting dents fixed.

How do you repair dents on vehicles?

Our PDR technicians remove the dents one at a time by hand with special tools and lighting. This allows us to keep your original paint and parts.

How do you get dents and door dings fixed?

Call us to schedule an estimate and from there we can determine how long the repair will take. Sometimes we can fix small dents while you wait. Other times we will need to schedule your repair on another date.

How much does dent repair cost?

Our dent repair costs depend on how many dents are being fixed, their size, and their location. Other factors of dent repair cost are the paint integrity and how long it will take a technician to complete the repair.

We really don’t know until we see it with our own eyes. Phone photos are amazing however, it is not the proper lighting conditions that we need to properly estimate dent repair costs.

Will the dents come back after a repair?

Repairing a dent on a vehicle is a permanent solution. Fixed properly they will not come back and should not harm the integrity of your paint or body work.

 Free Estimates 

Get an appointment for us to estimate your hail damage repair or review the estimate you already have. Many times a claim doesn’t make sense and we can help you determine that.

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Phone photos and video are fantastic. However, we need to see your vehicle in specific lighting conditions to estimate the damage and what it will take to fix it properly.

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